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Clinical Pilates: Dr Cecilia Graziano (Osteo)

Dr Cecilia Graziano (Osteopath)

Dr Cecilia Graziano has been an Osteopathy for 13 years and during 2020 Covid19 lockdown decided to further add to her profession and complete APPI Mat and Equipment Pilates course. Dr Cecilia Graziano is an Accredited APPI Mat Pilates instructor and is currently teaching Equipment Pilates (Clinical Pilates) to her existing osteo clientele to help improve their injuries and muscle complaints. 

Classes are maximum 4 people to 1 instructor, we use reformers, half tower, wunda chair and barrels.

Classes run 45mins each. 

Each class is customised for the participants therefore beginners to advance are all welcome.

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Clinical Pilates Mondays

10am,11am & 12pm

Casual Classes: $55

Book online at

or Call 03 9416 7725

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