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B.Strong Sport & Muscle Therapy

 Brooke Skaf


Brooke is a Sports Remedial therapist who is currently working at the Carlton Football Club. She also spent 4 years working at Melbourne Victory, Melbourne Storm and Melbourne Rebels. Brooke graduated from La Trobe University with a Bachelor of Health Sciences with a major in Human Anatomy & Human Physiology. 
She provides treatment to restore your mobility, increase your range of motion and improve your quality of movement, while decreasing muscle pain, tightness & soft-tissue injuries. 
There also is an interest in sporting preparations, injuries and rehabilitation to aid in performance and recovery. All treatment plans are individually based in order to achieve the best results and outcomes.

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Conditions treated:

·    Sport Preparation/Rehabilition/Recovery

·    Sport or Other Injuries

·    Restricted movement/Tightness

·    Chronic pain

·    Neck, Shoulder or Back pain

·    Plantar Fasciitis

·    Sciatica

·    Headaches

·    Rotator Cuff issues


Brooke will be working at High Street Holistic clinic

on Monday  2pm​ - 8pm and Tuesdays 2pm​ - 8pm

To make a booking with Brooke please call or book online

Phone: 0406 588 909

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