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60 High Street,
Preston, 3072

Ph: 03 9416 7725
Mob: 0435 004 237


   High Street Holistic

  • Podiatry 
  • Osteopathy
  • Myotherapy
  • Remedial Massage
  • Pellowah/Reiki
  • Kinesiology
  • Yoga classes
  • Clinical Pilates
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Dr Cecilia Graziano, Dr Matthew O'Neill &

Dr Anna Vuong

Treatment and Management of:

 Back Pain

 Neck Pain

 Shoulder Pain


 Knee Pain


 Children's growth and sport injuries

 And other musculoskeletal injuries


General Nail & Skin Care

Children's Foot and Gait Assessment

Aged Foot Care

Biomechanical Assessment

Orthotic Therapy

Ingrown Toenail Surgery

Footware Advice

Diabetic Foot Assessment

Catherine Howard



Brooke Skaf

Remedial Massage Therapist

·    Sport Preparation/Rehabilitation/Recovery

·    Sport & Other Injuries

·    Restricted Movement/Tightness

·    Chronic Pain

·    Neck, Shoulder or Back pain

·    Plantar Fasciitis

·    Sciatica

·    Headaches

·    Rotator Cuff issues

Bianca Alivizantos




Cosmetic Acupuncture

Bowen Technique

Dry Needling

Myotherapy Pic 2023.jpeg

Graeme Gemmell

Certified Iyengar Teacher

Dip of Health in Yoga

General Iyengar Yoga Classes

Screen Shot 2022-03-16 at 3.59.37 pm.png

Michelle Sinclair

Energy Healer

Pellowah & Reiki

"Hands off" energy healing technique that facilitates the healing process by clearing the blocks to repair and rebalance the energy assisting the body to heal itself.

Jacinta Howard


Natural health care that combines muscle monitoring with the principles of Chinese medicine to access energy and body function. A range of gentle yet powerful healing techniques are applied to improve health, wellbeing and vitality.

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